Stocking Up Your Short Let Apartment

Short let apartments are designed for travelers who are expecting to stay for more than one week in a certain location. With these kinds of customers in mind, short let apartments are designed to make you feel like you stepped into a comfortable, warm home, with all the furnishings and amenities you need to settle in.

Unlike standard hotel rooms, short stay apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen, which means that you can stock the pantry with essential daily items. Think of how you will be spending your time in the mornings and throughout the day when it comes to food. Will you be eating lunch out? How often do you plan to eat dinner at home? What kind of snacks do you crave when you’re home from work? Think about these things in advance, purchase what you need, and you will go a long way preventing those late night cravings that inevitably give in to expensive takeout. For starters, you might need: bread, milk, eggs, cereal, fresh fruit, and ground coffee.

Stocking the bathroom is a little different, but requires the same foresight and thought about your stay in the apartment. If you plan on staying only a week, then only purchase travel size toiletries at the store (or bring with you) so you can have less items to pack in your check-in or carry-on luggage for the trip home. If you will be in a location for a week or more, consider buying full size products and save time and money.

Short let apartments vary in size and number of bedrooms, but most have a central area where you or multiple people can gather and relax. Make this room inviting and purchase some scented candles, some fresh flowers or other accouterments. These small items may not seem that important at first, but you will love coming back to your apartment after a long day to find your place inviting and cozy. You may even consider buying a bottle of wine (or two!) so you can enjoy it in your pajamas – and who doesn’t like that?

Short let apartments are truly made for those who are staying at least one week or more. One or two quick trips to some local stores can really make the stay comfortable, inviting and you might even start calling it you home away from home.

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